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Uig, the name derives from the Norse word Vik meaning 'a bay'.

Bhaltos (or Valtos) is the largest village in Uig and is home to about 35 people. Two smaller villages are Cliobh (Cliff), Cnip (Kneep). Since 1999 the land on the Bhaltos peninsula has been owned by the community.

Suileachan Project

It was agreed at a public meeting of the Bhaltos Community Trust that a suitable commemorative landmark monument be commissioned to mark the following :-

• To remember the 19th century Lewis Land Clearances

• To commemorate the 20th century land raids by the Reef Raiders

• To celebrate the Scottish Land Reforms and the creation of the Bhaltos Community Trust.

The monument has been constructed on an elevated, panoramic site in the village of Reef, with views over the surrounding land, sea and islands. The monument has been designed with two circles, connected by a walled walkway. The eastern circle has a grey, stone circular floor, inscribed with the names of the Reef Raiders. The walkway leads the visitor through an archway, designed and constructed by Jim Crawford, to the west circle, overlooking the sea and islands of West Loch Roag, symbolically linking the past to the present.

Lewis Chessmen

In 1831, a shepherd discovered a buried hoard of chess pieces on Uig Beach, uncovered following a storm. Known as the Lewis chessmen, the pieces can be seen at the British Museum and the Scottish National Museum, Edinburgh. The chessmen are mostly carved from walrus tusks and probably came from Norway sometime in the 12th century.

Uig is reputed to be the birthplace of the Brahan Seer, a Nostradamus type figure of the 16th century. and the presence of a well preserved wheelhouse at Cnip, and the two nearby Brochs, make the area important archaeologically. (Source Wikipedia)

To learn more about the area and its history visit the Community Website

Suileachan Stone Circles
Suileachan beaconAn Suileachan
Suileachan Archway
Lewis Chessmen
Lewis Chessmen found in Uig
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